1.What’s your gender ?
2.Is your gender the same as your birth-assigned sex ?
3.Are you a victim of racism ?
4.What’s your sexual orientation ?
5.Are you religious ?
6.Do you belong to a poor social class ?
7.Do you wear an islamic veil ?
8.Are you left-handed ?
9.Are you diagnosed with a mental disorder / behavior ? (Check CIM-10 F00-F99) ?
10.Are you Self-Diagonised ?
11.Do you suffer from malnutrition ?
12.Did you have a sexual relation with a woman ?
13.Do you often tell yourself that you are in some ways privileged compared to some minorities ?
14.Do you use an alarm clock ?
15.Do you cure yourself with alternate forms of medicine ?
16.Have you ever consulted an astrologer ?
17.Have you ever consulted a chaman ?
18.What’s your favorite form of science ?
19.How often do you wash yourself ?
20.Do you eat a lot of calories a day ?
21.Do you eat in a vegetarian or vegan way ?
22.Have you ever had a sexual relation ?
23.Are you part of a musical association (fanbase, ect) ?
24.Do you have a Tumblr / Deviantart account ?
25.Do you have a 4chan account ?
26.Are you a smoker ?
27.Have you ever said to your partner that you haven’t condom but it was a lie ?
28.Have you ever said “The Trans-people, I can’t” ?
29.Are you often telling to peoples that you are woke ?
30.Do you wear dread while being non-racialized ?
31.Are you punctual ?
32.Have you ever made manspreading ?
33.Have you ever tell someone that he was racist, antisemitist ?
34.Have you ever tell someone that he was fascist, xenophobic ?
35.Have you ever tell someone that he was homophobic, transphobic
36.Have you ever tell someone that he was anti-fat ?
37.Have you ever tell someone that he was mentalist (the discrimination) ?
38.Have you already hit a cop ?
39.Are you often saying / screaming “ACAB” ?
40.Have you ever said “Obama and trump are the same” ?
41.Have you ever said “I voted for Clinton to stop Trump to take the power” ?
42.Do you support the LGBTQI+ ?
43.Have you ever participed in a ecologist manifestation ?
44.Do you frenquently participate in left-wing manifestations ?
45.Do you protect women from men ?
46.Have you ever Hit a man who wanted to rape or forcefully kiss a woman ?
47.Have you ever played a fake side of you, too much kind, to have sex with a person ?
48.Can we save the police ?
49.Are you in a trade union ?
50.Are you in a political party ?
51.Are you a member of an association ?
52.Have you ever made International volunteering (voluntourism) ?
53.Have you ever ignored the consent of your partner ?
54.Do you use inclusive writing ?
55.Did you already have sex without any penetration ?
56.Are you rather

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